Register/Change Ownership
Here you can register your pet or initiate a change of ownership.

Please provide all of the following details.

Chip number must have 15 digits.

This microchip is already registered in a database. Please provide the details from the previous cert.

No file chosen

You can upload your previous certificate here along with a valid EU Pet Passport and/or signed EU Health Certificate for an imported pet.

Previous owner has seen proof of identity (photo ID) and current address (utility bill issued within previous three months) of the new owner in accordance with the Microchip Regulations, 2015.

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Registration advice

How much does it cost to register my pet?

Registration costs €10.

Animark microchip not registered

It may be that the implanting vet did not register the pet yet – please contact the vet who microchipped your pet (or ask the previous owner to) and ask them to complete the registration. This would be unusual as most vets update the system the same day as the pet is microchipped but sometimes a chip might get overlooked in error.

Non-Animark microchip / Imported pet not yet registered

You can still register with Animark and depending on the circumstances we will ask you to (1) supply a valid EU Pet Passport / signed EU Health Certificate or (2) to register your chip against a local Irish vet as having read the chip and confirmed the details of both the pet and you as the owner (no need for the Vet to register again).

For No.2, we would require your Veterinary practice to scan the chip and email us directly with the below details:

  • Chip no:
  • Pet Owner's name:
  • Vet name who read and confirmed the dog:
  • Vet Unique Identifying Number
  • Date Vet scanned the chip:
  • Pet passport chip number corresponds with chip in pet: Yes/No/NA

Email us: [email protected]